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0800 HUNGRY MINISTRIES TRUST is a non-denominational, non-profit Christian Charitable Trust established to empower churches and social agencies of all denominations to reach out to those in our community who need a helping hand.



The primary role of 0800 Hungry is one of 'hunter and gatherer'. We are totally committed to locating and recovering all manner of food and grocery items. 0800 Hungry can arrange to pick up anything from anywhere at anytime. We operate from an 18,000 sq ft warehouse, with a dedicated group of volunteers, to distribute recovered produce back to the community.

We have aligned our name with our Free Phone number, 0800 HUNGRY (0800 486 479).

The purpose of the free call line is to encourage people who through fear, embarrassment, sense of failure or pride, fail to seek help when things go wrong. The 0800 number allows them to seek initial help with anonymity.

It is our desire to remove the stigma that food banks are where poor people go for handouts.



Every week in Canterbury hundreds of tonnes of edible fresh produce of every variety is dumped, ploughed in, left to rot on trees or fed to livestock because of over supply, cost of harvesting or lack of an accountability chain for re-distribution.

All up this year alone we can expect to recover one thousand tonnes of product that was destined for landfill.

0800 HUNGRY operates two trucks and two vans:

  • Isuzu CXG 400 GIGA 25 tonne Curtain Sider
  • Isuzu NPR 300 5 tonne Sliding Door Bottle Deck
  • Mazdz Titan 2 Tonne Freezer Truck
  • 2 x Mitsubishi L300 Vans
  • 3 x Nissan S Cargo Vans

The Curtain Sider is used for picking up palletised consignments from Warehouses and Distribution Centres but more importantly it is essential for collecting bins of fresh produce from growers and packhouses.

The 5 tonne Sliding Door Bottle Deck picks up the smaller consignments and are used daily for bread and milk.

The Mazda Titan Freezer Truck is used  to pick up all of our Chilled and Frozen donated stock.  We have both walk-in and display freezers and chillers onsite to maintain the integrity of the product until it is delivered directly to the recipient.

The Mitsubish L300's and Nissan S Cargos are for the delivery of food parcels and used by volunteers fro an assortment of Churches.

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